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Tru Sweets  

About :

TruSweets is the owner of leading organic and natural candy brands Surf Sweets and TruJoy Sweets. Surf Sweets is the leading brand of naturally sweet organic jelly beans and gummies, including seasonal candies and TruJoy Sweets creates naturally good classic candy favorites like Organic Candy Canes and Organic ChocoChew.


Challenge :

The challenge for Surf Sweets and TruJoy Sweets was to gain brand recognition among mass consumers in a candy market dominated by major conventional brands.



CoganPR’s public relations campaign for TruSweets was primarily focused on targeting niche media contacts at gluten-free, vegan and parenting outlets.  Our initiatives included trade shows, new product releases, seasonal package distributions, media tours and ambassador relationships.



CoganPR’s media relations campaign for Surf Sweets and TruJoy Sweets has generated media coverage across major consumer and trade publications, television and online outlets, totaling over 50 million impressions. We secured coverage in their top choice outlets including Real Simple, Parents and Kiwi. Creating buzz for TruSweets has helped to increase distribution and sales for both brands.



“In just one year, CoganPR has taken our “small” candy brands from popularity among niche consumers to being a widely recognized brand featured in major consumer outlets including Real Simple, Kiwi and Parents.  With our growing brand recognition, we have also seen increased demand and sales of our products. CoganPR is the perfect partner for growing our brand and Shari is a pleasure to work with.”

Lisa Dempsey, Marketing Director, TruSweets Inc.

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